The Rise of Heresy

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Author: THE TROOPS OF DOOM Origin: Brasil Label: Austral Holocaust Prods Year: 2020 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5 x 0.6cm Weight: 0.080kg Metal Genre: Death Black Metal Categories: , , ,


Former SEPULTURA guitarist Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz new project The Troops Of Doom rescues the old Brasilian raw and merciless sound forged in Belo Horizonte and which gave shape to two of the most classical albums by the Brasilian extreme scene “Morbid Visions” and “Bestial Devastation”. for fans of early Sepultura and all the early 80’s extreme Death Metal scene.

  • Track List:
  • Whispering Dead Words
  • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
  • The Confessional
  • The Rise of Heresy
  • Bestial Devastation (Sepultura cover)
  • Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover)


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The Rise of Heresy

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