About Us

“Lucem demostrat umbra”

La oscuridad muestra la luz

Postarmagedon Metal Distribution is a service which is already providing the bangers from Peru, Southamerica and any part of the world with some of the finest Metal from all around the globe, in any format this is pressed or printed , CD’s, LP’s, Tapes, Patches, Fanzines, Books, Poster Flags, we produce in our partner label Austral Holocaust Productions (Lima-Peru) or we import from all the corners of the world where good Heavy Metal is taking form.

We have been giving this service for already 5 years under the banner of Postarmagedon, but we have been into the activity  of distribution since year 2000, in smaller undergound levels; through all these years we have delivered a very high overdose of Metal  throughout  Peru, where our headquarters are based, Southamerica, and the rest of the world, including distant and remote (In geographical terms) locations  like South Africa, India, China, or Borneo!.

Our Distribution service is mainly focused on Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Black Metal, Grind Core, but also, in obscure forms of Rock and Hard Rock related to Heavy Metal or the concepts behind the gender.

Through all these years our Metal duties, have taken us to travel through distant regions in Southamerica and we have made the due contacts to have in our catalogue a large quantity of ítems related to the mighty Southamerican Metal scene! Which is always a main target of interest for our customers, and we dare to say that we have one of the largest  catalogues of the Southamerican Metal Realms.

Hail and kill!