The Final Cut
(Digipack CD)

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Author: FUTURE TENSE Origin: The Netherlands Label: Austral Holocaust Prods (PER) Year: 2011 Dimensions: 14 X 12.5 X 1cm Weight: 0.100kg Metal Genre: Heavy Metal Categories: , , ,


One forgotten gem from the old Dutch Heavy Metal trenches from the 80’s! a compilation of all the works of one of the most outstanding bands of the gender from The Netherlands! A mandatory release for fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Cloven Hoof! Yes! Pure Heavy Metal!

  • Track List:
  • 01.Battle of Metal
  • 02.Nightmare
  • 03.Marquis de Sade – instrumental
  • 04.Damned Forever
  • 05.Mephisto – instrumental
  • 06.Go to Hell
  • 07.Go to Hell
  • 08.Swords of Vengeance
  • 09.La Guillotine – instrumental
  • 10.Condemned to the Gallows
  • 11.Evil Attack
  • 12.Swords of Vengeance
  • 13.Nightmare
  • 14.Go to Hell
  • 15.Evil Attack


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The Final Cut
(Digipack CD)”

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