Frenesi de Agresividad
(Digi CD)

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Author: ZAVOTAGE Origin: Peru Label: Austral Holocaust Productions (PER) Year: 2012 Dimensions: 12.5 X 12.5cm Weight: 0.060kg Metal Genre: Thrash Metal Categories: , , ,


Zavotage is a very young band that comes from Lima Hell, but have perfectly captured the old Thrash Metal spirit from the old glory days of bands like Exodus, Forbidden or the old Anthrax. really surprising all those who listen to the band. Thrash on!!!!

  • Track List :
  • 1.Ataque Thrasher
  • 2.La cruda verdad
  • 3.Esquizofrenia
  • 4.Vomitron
  • 5.El principio del final


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Frenesi de Agresividad
(Digi CD)”

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