Nefasta Abominacion

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Author: Professus Abominari Origin: Ecuador Label: Austral Holocaust Prods. (Per) Year: 2021 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5 x 0.80cm Weight: 0.095kg Metal Genre: Black Death Metal Categories: , ,


One of the most aberrant and profane bands created in Ecuador ejaculating totally rotten and blasphemous noise since some years finally release their early demos stuff in CD officialy, compiling abominable chants of hate toward the holy and sacred. Pure blasphemous war noise against christianity from the Ecuadorian Hell!


  • Track List:
  • Intro “In nomine patris, filius et in fornicata est mater eius”
  • Sangre impía
  • Consagradas a lo impuro (Perversa ramera)
  • Incineración del dominio de fe
  • Cristo putrefacto
  • Proclamación
  • Lucifer Baphomet Satan Pater
  • Intro: Abhorreant Christianismun et in Caerimoniis Liturgicis
  • Ceremonias liturgicas malditas (Por los siglos de los siglos)
  • Santa perversión (Hábitos sucios)
  • Influencia satánica
  • Campanas de condenación (El llamado del rebaño)
  • Altar de sangre negra (Morbosidad cover)


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Nefasta Abominacion

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