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Author: SATANIKA Origin: Italy Label: Austral Holocaust Productions (PER) Year: 2011 Dimensions: 14 X 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Thrash Metal Categories: , , ,


Satanika rises from Rome with all the fury that old influences from the glorious 80’s injected in their music! the result is very raw and agresive Thrash Metal from the beginning to the end!¬†an absolutely explosive debut album!

  • Track List
  • 01.Sodomize the Nun
  • 02.Atomic Curse
  • 03.The Evil Sex Commando
  • 04.Morbid Priest
  • 05.Razor Maniac
  • 06.Fetish Bitch Kult
  • 07.Witch from the Grave
  • 08.Mutilator
  • 09.Brain Damage


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