A Savage Synphony – A History of Annihilation

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Author: DESTRUCTION Origin: Germany Label: Icarus Year: 2010 Dimensions: 14 x 1 x 19cm Weight: 0.100kg Metal Genre: Thrash Metal Categories: , ,


  • Video List:
  • 1.Intro instrumental
  • 2.The Butcher Strikes Back
  • 3.Curse the Gods
  • 4.Nailed to the Cross
  • 5.Mad Butcher
  • 6.The Alliance of Hellhoundz
  • 7.Soul Collector
  • 8.Death Trap / Unconscious Ruins
  • 9.Life Without Sense
  • 10.Antichrist
  • 11.Reject Emotions
  • 12.Thrash ’til Death
  • 13.Total Desaster
  • 14.Eternal Ban
  • 15.Bestial Invasion



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A Savage Synphony – A History of Annihilation

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