Empire of Noise

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Author: ANNATHEMA Origin: Serbia Label: AreaDeath (Chi) Year: 2009 Dimensions: 14 x 12.50cm Weight: 0.075kg Metal Genre: Heavy Speed Metal Categories: , , ,


The second album by this Serbian band, with a more Thrash influence, “Empire of Noise” is their rarest release, said to be pressed only in 120 copies when it was out back to 1991! This great Reissue comes with all the songs originally included in this album + a DVD Live in Timisoara.

  • Track List
  • 1.Intro: Wasteland
  • 2.Road Warrior
  • 3.Dead End Street
  • 4.Confession
  • 5.Ride the Shooting Star
  • 6.Empire of Noise
  • 7.Sleepless Night
  • 8.Nuclear Jazz
  • 9.Pray with Blood (For My Soul)
  • 10.Symptom of the Universe


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Empire of Noise

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