Day Of Darkness Festifall II

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Author: AMORPHIS / BELIAL Origin: Finland Label: Fan Club Year: 2010 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Death Metal Categories: , , ,


This is what was missing from the infamous “Day Of Darkness Festifall” gig, from which was taken the mythic Impaled Nazarene / Beherit bootlege gig too. mandatory!, also included the Abhorrence Demo 90′.

  •  Track List:
  • Amorphis
  • 1.Amorphis        Intro – Pilgrimage Of Evil
  • 2.Amorphis        Black Embrace
  • 3.Amorphis        Privilege Of Evil
  • 4.Amorphis        Misery Path
  • 5.Amorphis        Vulgar Necrolatry
  • 6.Amorphis        Excursing From Existence
  • 7.Amorphis        Disment Of Soul
  • Belial
  • 8.Belial                Intro – Voices Beyond
  • 9.Belial                The Invocation
  • 10.Belial              Dead Shall Rise (Terorrizer)
  • 11.Belial               Dead Zone
  • 12.Belial               Shreds – Slowly We Rot (Obituary)
  • Belial Session 2 – 91
  • 13.Belial               Invocation
  • 14.Belial               Dead Zone
  • 15.Belial               Shreds – Voices Beyond
  • Abhorrence – Demo 90 “Vulgar Necrolatry”
  • 16.Abhorrence           Intro (The Cult) Vulgar Necrolatry
  • 17.Abhorrence           Pleasures Of Putrid Flesh
  • 18.Abhorrence           Devorer Of Souls


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Day Of Darkness Festifall II

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