Azrever Ne Alemamam

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Author: OPHICVS Origin: US Label: Tribulacion (Col) Year: 2015 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Black Heavy Metal Categories: , , , ,


This is the 2014 album from U.S. black/heavy metal act Ophicvs released on jewel case CD format by Tribulacion Productions.

Track List:
1.Taog Latemorcen
2.March to Eternal Fire
3.Whore of Babylon
4.Blackout (Scorpions coer)
5.Mother Death
6.Funeral Infernal
7.Gasmasked Goat Rock
8.Yks eht ni Edir (Lucifer’s Friend cover)
9.Azrever ne Alemamam
10.Madre Muerte (live)
11.Condor Legion
12.Whore of Babylon (Video)


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Azrever Ne Alemamam

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