Decay of Darkness

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Author: NOCTURNAL HOLLOW Origin: Venezuela Label: Necro Nausea (Per) Year: 2014 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Death Metal Categories: , , ,


One of the most brutal promises of Southamerican Death metal just come from Venezuela!! The debut álbum of this band who perform Death Metal in its purest old school vein!! Mandatory!!

  • Track List:
  • 1.Decay of Darkness instrumental
  • 2.Merchants of Death
  • 3.Consumed by the Storm
  • 4.Rise Among the Weak
  • 5.Nihilistic Fate
  • 6.Disciples of the Obscure Throne
  • 7.Behind the Plague
  • 8.Obscure Entity
  • 9.The Eternal Black Sea


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Decay of Darkness

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