Khaos Gnesis
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Author: EVIL DAMN Origin: Perú Label: Austral Holocaust Prods - Peru Year: 2020 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5 x 0.80cm Weight: 0.095kg Metal Genre: Lovecraftian Death Metal Categories: , , ,


A profane anthology with tracks from the early years of this aberration spawned to evoke arcane damnations and forgotten abominations from inmemorial times, two songs from their demo “Through Black Abysses” the songs from their split with Abigail and from their sold out 7“ EP “Black Effigy”, pressed in a kiler Clear CD format in limited edition!

  • Track List
  • Black Effigy
  • Embrace by Death
  • Blasfemia, Caos y Muerte
  • Invoker of Shadows
  • Beast of R’lyeh
  • Demonolatry (Mortem cover)
  • Possessed
  • Trapped in Doom
  • The Black Vomit (Sarcófago cover)



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Khaos Gnesis
(Clear CD)”

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