Lord of Darkness

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Author: BURZUM Origin: Norway Label: Boot Year: 2015 Dimensions: 14 x 0.08 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.090kg Metal Genre: Black Metal Categories: ,


This compilation album is a tribute to the glory and might of Varg Vikernes & Burzum. This CD is not to be considered as a cheap-ass bootleg, but merely a legacy, an anthology…All songs are carefully selected!!
Produced in 2005. Made in Hell 666

Track 1 taken from 1991 “Demo”.
Track 2 taken 1993 “Svarte Dauen” EP.
Track 3 & 4 taken from 1992 DSP productions “Burzum” – Album.
Track 5 taken from 1993 DSP productions “Aske” – MLP.
Track 6 taken from 1993 Misanthropy records “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” – Album.
Track 7 taken from 1994 Misanthropy records “Det som engang var” – Album.
Track 8 taken from 1996 Misanthropy records “Filosofem” – Album.
Track 9 taken from 1997 Misanthropy records “Daudi Baldrs” – Album.
Track 10 taken from 1999 Misanthropy records “Hlidskjalf” – Album.
Track 11 & 12 taken from 2001 “Ragnarok (a new beginning)” – Bootleg album.


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Lord of Darkness

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