Sexual Panic Human Machine

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Author: Bonehunter Origin: Finland Label: Hells Headbangers (US) Year: 2017 Dimensions: 12 x 14.5 x 0.80cm Weight: 0.095kg Metal Genre: Thrash Punk Metal Categories: , , , ,


Right from the start, even with the album title itself, Sexual Panic Human Machine is a different BONEHUNTER and one not merely replicating past glories. For one, the trio abandon the “tribute” aspect of the debut and drive deeper into what made that ancient metalpunk sound work: hooks, heaviness, and hellish drive. For another, the cauldron-born evil of that debut gives way to a more earthly, seedier-side-of-the-tracks evil where no lust nor perversion is turned away. From there, BONEHUNTER dive headfirst and headlong into a raucous yet well-oiled attack that, more often than not, lands well within the bounds of shredding speed metal: the chrome chassis gleams, but the engine pumps pure, black dsigust. Leaner and most definitely meaner, this Sexual Panic Human Machine nevertheless never loses sight of that devilish FUN which made Evil Triumphs Again such a modern classic. Stocked with brand-new arsenal, awaken the machine with BONEHUNTER!


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Sexual Panic Human Machine

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