Don’t Go Down

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Author: ANNATHEMA Origin: Serbia Label: AreaDeath (Chi) Year: 2009 Dimensions: 14 x 12cm Weight: 0.075kg Metal Genre: Heavy Groove Metal Categories: , , , , ,


This is the reissue of the third album from 1997 by this Serbian band, now with a more USA’s groove tendence in their unconventional way to compose Heavy Metal..but without loosing their heavyness and agresiveness, similar to their well known countrymates of Bombarder! . This includes a Live bonus DVD, live at Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Vojvodina-2006

  • Track List:
  • 1.Don’t Go Down
  • 2.Freedom for R’n’R
  • 3.Castle
  • 4.Dream
  • 5.Wolf
  • 6.Proud & Drunk
  • 7.Come On
  • 8.Take Me
  • 9.Pray
  • 10.Star of Red
  • 11.Motorcycle
  • 12.Don’t Go Down (remix)


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Don’t Go Down

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