Rape of Holiness

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Author: FUNEREAL MOON Origin: Mexico Label: Embrace My Funeral (Mex) Year: 2012 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Black Metal Categories: , , ,


Old and cult Black Metal horde. Very sick, in the bestial vein of Latin American legends like SARCOFAGO, MYSTIFIER, PARABELLUM, BLASFEMIA, etc.

Track List:
1.Feed the Demons (intro) instrumental
3.Violent Shit
4.Nocturnal & Nameless
5.Born Evil instrumental
6.Devouring Rotting Carcass
7.Artificial Paradise
8.In the Shadows
9.Frozen in Time instrumental
10.I Spit in the Bible
11.Mortuary Letanies
12.(I Am) Chaos & Madness
13.Ghost Church instrumental
14.Belive in Me
15.The Candle Burns
16.Arsenic instrumental
17.Where I Belong
19.In the Hall of the Purple Serpent (Outro)


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Rape of Holiness

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