Bestial Crust
(Demo Tape)

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Author: DRUIDUS Origin: Canada Label: Till You Fukking Bleed (Pol) Year: 2013 Dimensions: 11 X 1.5 X 7.5cm Weight: 0.070kg Metal Genre: Black Death Metal Categories: , , , ,


Abominable Black Death Metal is what we got here! debut demo of another abomination spawn in Canadian soil! bestial as fuck!

  • Track List:
  • 1.Call upon the Fire God
  • 2.Eclipsing the Lighted Path of Christ
  • 3.Exalting the Unholy Goat
  • 4.Unholy Vengeance of War (Black Witchery cover)


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Bestial Crust
(Demo Tape)”

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