La Batalla de Kuruksetra

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Author: DHARMA Origin: Perú Label: Xaria Year: 2020 Dimensions: 12.5 x 14 x 0.8cm Weight: 0.090kg Metal Genre: Heavy Metal Categories: , , ,


Rare Peruvian Heavy Metal inspired in Hindu tales, limited reissue of the almost imposible to find demo recordings of the one of the few Heavy Metal bands that existed in Lima in the 80’s.

  • Track List
  • 1.Govinda
  • 2.Maya
  • 3.Ya tu ves
  • 4.En el fondo de tu amor
  • 5.La batalla de Kurusetra
  • 6.Dios es luz
  • 7.Krsna
  • 8.Misericordia


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La Batalla de Kuruksetra

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