Terror Grave Emanations – Curse of Mortality
(Split CD)

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Author: DEFLAGRATOR / NECROMANCER Origin: Italy Label: Austral Holocaust Productions (PER) Year: 2011 Dimensions: 14 X 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Black Metal, Thrash Metal Categories: , , , ,


A bestial raid of Italian Thrash Metal from two of the best Black Thrash bands rising from the old continent, Deflagrator plays very obscure and violent Black Thrash Metal in the vein of the old bands from the 80’s; and Necromancer  plays  in the old vein that Sepultura left in mid 80’s!.

  • Tracl List:
  • 01.Deflagrator – Free Fire Zone
  • 02.Deflagrator – Craving for Obscurity
  • 03.Deflagrator – Rawness Incarnate
  • 04.Deflagrator – Ritual Sacrifice
  • 05.Deflagrator – Inhuman Violence
  • 06.Necromancer – Death Plague
  • 07.Necromancer – Nocturnal Force
  • 08.Necromancer – Necromancer
  • 09.Necromancer – Spit on Your Grave
  • 10.Necromancer – Human Sacrifice



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Terror Grave Emanations – Curse of Mortality
(Split CD)”

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