Crush.Fukk.Create: Requiem For Generation Armageddon
(2 DVD)

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Author: BEHEMOTH Origin: Poland Label: Candlelight (U.K.) Year: 2004 Dimensions: 14 x 1 x 19cm Weight: 0.120kg Metal Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal Categories: , , ,


Disc 1:
Tracks 1-10: Live Pandemonium – Live at Party San Festival 2003. Recorded Live 7.08.2003 in Bad Berka, Germany
Tracks 11-17: Mother Khaoz on Stage – Live at Mystic Festival 2001. Recorded Live 13.10.2001 in Cracow, Poland
Tracks 18-19: Videoclips. Track 19 recorded Live 15.06.2001 in Warsaw, Poland

Disc 2:
Tracks 1-11: Speak with the Devil – Documentary.
The order of chapters is different in the menu and on the backcover than the actual running order shown here.


Disc 1
1.Antichristian Phenomenon
2.From the Pagan Vastlands
3.Heru Ra Ha (Let There Be Might)
4.Christians to the Lions
5.Hekau 718
6.No Sympathy for Fools
7.Decade ov Therion
8.As Above So Below
9.Chant for Eskhaton 2000
10.Pure Evil and Hate
11.Christians to the Lions
12.Decade ov Therion
13.From the Pagan Vastlands
14.Antichristian Phenomenon
16.Satan’s Sword
17.Chant for Eskhaton
18.As Above So Below (video)
19.Christians to the Lions (live in Warsaw video)

Disc 2
1.The Past Is like a Funeral…
2.Conquering US and Other Stuff…
3.Album Production and Studio Scenes
4.European Crusade
5.Mexican Episode
7.First Headlinging Experience
9.X Mass Festivals
10.Italian Affair
11.Barbarossa East Tour


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Crush.Fukk.Create: Requiem For Generation Armageddon
(2 DVD)”

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