The Eternalist

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Author: AGATUS Origin: Greece Label: Hells Headbangers Year: 2016 Dimensions: 14 x 12.50 x 0.80cm Weight: 0.088kg Metal Genre: Black Metal, Experimental, Heavy Metal Categories: , , , , ,


Says founder The Dark, “The Eternalist reflects another dimension of my compositional style whilst maintaining the signature sounds that AGATUS are known for. Here I delve further into old heavy metal sounds that have always been an inspiration to me and created what I consider my most memorable album to date.”

  • Track List:
  • 1.The Eternalist
  • 2.The Invisible (Fifth Portal to Atlantis)
  • 3.The Oath (of Magic and Fire)
  • 4.Gods of Fire
  • 5.Dreamer
  • 6.Perils of the Sea (Part II)
  • 7.At Dusk I Was Born
  • 8.Flight into Forever
  • 9.Gilgamesh
  • 10.To Last


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The Eternalist

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