Sister Devil

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Author: SIXX Origin: US Label: NWN (US) Year: 2009 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Death Rock Categories: , ,


By now, Von’s impact on the development of black metal is undisputed, and their work is universally praised. Shortly after the release of Von’s “Satanic Blood” demo, the members of Von shifted their focus to another project that would come to be known as Sixx. The obscure “Sister Devil” demo, the only recording produced under the Sixx moniker, represents a distinctly different approach to music, but retains, nonetheless, many of the same elements that characterize the style of Von. Like two poisons that attack the body in different yet equally lethal ways, Von and Sixx produce similar effects on the listener while pursuing two divergent paths of execution. Sixx do not play black metal, but the atmosphere cultivated on “Sister Devil” is every bit as nihilistic and void of light as on “Satanic Blood.” Sixx instead play a style of music most closely resembling the genre known as death-rock. And while traces of Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Samhain, and Joy Division can be heard in Sixx’s music, “Sister Devil” conveys a decidedly more satanic approach than any of the aforementioned bands’ work.

Track List:
2.Sister Devil
3.Between the Dying
4.Black Ride
5.In the Circle
6.On the Dead
7.Is My Name


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Sister Devil

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