Necromantic Confinement

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Author: SEXORCIST Origin: Peru Label: Into The Abyss Domains (Per) Year: 2017 Dimensions: 11 X 1.5 X 7.5cm Weight: 0.070kg Metal Genre: Death Metal Categories: , ,


Their Ep in tape version limited to 100 copies! absolutely abyssal Death metal from the filthy Lima! this is a real jewel of Death metal madness! with all the obscurity that the gender demands! mandatory! Includes a Cultes Des Ghoules cover.

  • Track List :
  • 1.Lustful Funeral
  • 2.Sinister Rites (Cultes des Ghoules)
  • 3.Mental Orgasmic Alteration


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Necromantic Confinement

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