Sabbat Nekromantik Sabbat
(Do CD)

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Author: SABBAT Origin: Japan Label: Austral Holocaust Productions (PER) Year: 2013 Dimensions: 14 X 12.5cm Weight: 0.070kg Metal Genre: Heavy Black Thrash Metal Categories: , , , ,


Almighty Sabbat needs no introductions to the devoted followers of the old school Black Thrash Metal! the band it self is an authority in the Black Metal gender fighting since 1984

This Double CD was released as part of the celebrations for their very first Southamerican Tour ever! and contains live material from the band registered in diferent gigs in their natal Japan! also includes multimedia videos and a rare Sodom cover never released before! MANDATORY!

  • Disc 1
  • 01.Flame on the Circle
  • 02.Gokkanma
  • 03.Nekromantik
  • 04.Splatter
  • 05.Evil Nations
  • 06.Crest of Satan
  • 07.Curdle the Blood
  • 08.Hellfire
  • 9.Black Fire
  • 10.Mion’s Hill
  • 11.Darkness and Evil


  • Disc 2
  • 01.The Answer Is Hell
  • 02.Charisma
  • 03.Demonic Serenade – Brothers of Demons
  • 04.Sepulchral Voice (Sodom cover)


  • Video Track List
  • Live Tiny 7 – Nagoya / Japan – Oct.31.2010
  • 01.Black Metal Scythe
  • 02.Witchflight
  • 03.Witch Hammers
  • 04.Northern Satanism
  • 05.Ravens Tell


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Sabbat Nekromantik Sabbat
(Do CD)”

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