Primera Dosis

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Author: NARCOSIS Origin: Peru Label: Pasajeros del Horror (Per) Year: 2003 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Punk Categories: ,


Narcosis is one fo the oldest Punk groups that appeared in Peru and this is a classic first demo they released in early 80’s, a classic recording that has beena deep influence in the Southamerican Punk Scene!! A mandatory piece of collection for those into real underground Punk!
This CD brings a lot of Bonus live tracks and also some recordings of “Sociedad Anonima” (Pre-Narcosis era.

  • Track List:
  • “Primera Dosis” Demo 1985
  • 1.Narcosis Intro / La Peste
  • 2.Narcosis Represión
  • 3.Narcosis Destruir
  • 4.Narcosis Triste Final
  • 5.Narcosis Excusas
  • 6.Narcosis Quiero Ser Tu Perro
  • 7.Narcosis Sucio Policía
  • 8.Narcosis Vida Actual
  • 9.Narcosis Yo No Quiero
  • 10.Narcosis Hemicirco
  • 11.Narcosis La Danza De Los Cristales
  • 12.Narcosis Destino
  • 13.Narcosis Dextroza
  • 14.Narcosis El Microbus
  • 15.Narcosis Slacks Asesina
  • 16.Narcosis Asfixia
  • 17.Narcosis Outro
  • En La Noche (Barranco) 18-FEB-2001
  • 18.Narcosis A Hora Quiero Ser Tu Perro
  • 19.Narcosis Destruir
  • 20.Narcosis Vida Actual
  • 21.Narcosis Yo No Quiero
  • 22.Narcosis Sucio Policía
  • Pub.”Carnaby” Live in Miraflores 06-10-1984
  • 23.Narcosis Sucio Policía / Destruir
  • Sociedad Anonima: Casa De Luis: (Verano 1984) “Demos”
  • 24.Sociedad Anónima Destrúyeme
  • 25.Sociedad Anónima Costo De Vida


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Primera Dosis

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