MORTUORIO …Camara de Torturas (CD)

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Author: MORTUORIO Origin: Peru Label: Austral Holocaust Prods (Per) Year: 2005 Dimensions: 14 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Death Metal Categories: , , ,


Mortuorio is one of the main Death Metal bands from the old Peruvian Scene, which along with Forefathers Hadez, Mortem and Curriculum Mortis, practicaly set the bases for the Black Death Thrash Metal scene of Peru!.
“Camara de Torturas” represents an era in which the bands formed their sound with high influence from bands like Hell Hammer, Slayer, Possessed and Celtic Frost, but also with a strong presence of the mighty Brasilian scene and bands like Sarcofago, Holocausto, Necrofago and such barbaric hordes from the Brasilian scene.
This Demo is a milestone in Peruvian Metal scene, but also in the Southamerican Extreme Metal scene, as it captures the escense of an era in which the main focus was to make something with own sound, and giving priority to bestiality and Rawness in the compositions! And despite the technical limitations Mortuorio managed to capture this true essense of an era of Bestiality in “Camara de Tortura”. CULT!

  • Track List:
  • 1. Cámara de torturas
  • 2.Brutal genocidio
  • 3.Clemencia al criminal
  • 4.L.N.R. (Lado negro de la religión)
  • 5.Harto
  • 6.Derrame cacal
  • 7.Morbid Visions (Sepultura cover)
  • 8.Cámara de torturas
  • 9.L.N.R.
  • 10.Harto
  • 11.L.N.R.
  • 12.Brutal genocidio
  • 13.Harto
  • 14.Cámara de torturas
  • 15.L.N.R.
  • 16.Clemencia al criminal


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