Demo 2003 (Red)
(Gatefold LP)

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Author: GOAT SEMEN Origin: Peru Label: Austral Holocaust Prods. (Per) Year: 2018 Dimensions: 31 x 0.5 x 31cm Weight: 0.650kg Metal Genre: Black Death Metal Categories: , , ,


AUSTRAL HOLOCAUST PRODS.  is proud to present GOAT SEMEN’s classic 2003 demo on 12″ vinyl, for the first time ever, with all its majestic blasphemoust cover artwork! One of the most legendary demos of this millennium, GOAT SEMEN’s self-titled second demo was THE demo that wrote the band’s name into underground history: bestial black/death in the purest South American tradition, total warfare noise. From there, the band would go on to release a handful of split releases and, eventually, at long last an album in 2015, but their 2002 demo remains GOAT SEMEN’s most savage and unrelenting recording by far. Finally procure this piece of history on vinyl!

Description of the release:

180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Gatefold, 220gsm Innersleeve + Black Papersleeve, Poster in A2 format
Limited to 500 copies (300x Black, 100x Red, 100x Red/White Splatter).

  • Track List:
  • Side A
  • 1. Goat Semen
  • 1. Sodom Graves
  • 3. Madre Muerte
  • 4. Warfare Noise
    Side B
  • 5. At Luzbel’s Behest
  • 6. Pachacamak God – Oracle Of The Sand


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Demo 2003 (Red)
(Gatefold LP)”

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