War. Cult. Supremacy
(Do CD + DVD)

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Author: CONQUEROR Origin: Canada Label: Nuclear War Now (US) Year: 2016 Dimensions: 14 x 2 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.180kg Metal Genre: War Black Death Metal Categories: , , , ,


Barbaric compilation of one of the most bestial bands ever spawned by mankind! Including their debut and only cult álbum “War Cult Supremacy” + their demos and cover songs, and also the DVD includes their live presentation at the Nuclear War Now fest in Berlin! A mandatory anthology for extremists only!

Track List:
Disc 1 (CD)
1.Infinite Majesty
2.Chaos Domination (Conquer the Enslaver)
3.Age of Decimation
4.Kingdom Against Kingdom
6.Hammer of Antichrist
7.The Curse (Slaughter cover)
8.War Cult Supremacy
9.Domitor Invictus
Disc 2 (CD)
1.Ross Bay Damnation / Chaos Domination
2.Hammer of Antichrist
3.The Curse (Slaughter cover)
4.Domitor Invictus
5.Christ’s Death (Sarcófago cover)
6.Command for Triumph (Hell Storm of Evil Vengence)
7.Hammer of Supremacy (World Domination Comp)
Disc 3 (DVD)
1.Infinite Majesty
2.War Cult Supremacy
4.Hammer of Antichrist
5.Kingdom Against Kingdom
6.Age of Decimation
7.Domitor Invictus


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War. Cult. Supremacy
(Do CD + DVD)”

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