Poison in the Bones
(Split CD)

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Author: COBRA / SKULL Origin: Peru / Colombia Label: Austral Holocaust Prods. (PER) Year: 2009 Dimensions: 14 X 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Heavy Metal, Speed Metal Categories: , , , ,


The Debut CD in Studio of two of the greatest Heavy Speed Metal bands from Southamerica! Cobra from Peru play awesome Heavy Metal influenced by the old glory days of the N.W.O.B.H.M. and Skull play  great Speed Heavy Metal, with some very agressive passages, like the old great days of the gender in the 80’s.

  • Track List:
  • 01.Cobra – The Heavy Metal Machine
  • 02.Cobra – Dead End
  • 03.Cobra – The Roadrunner (Bite My Dust)
  • 04.Cobra – Fallen Soldier
  • 05.Skull – On the Rocks
  • 06.Skull – Chromium
  • 07.Skull – Catacombs Under My Bed
  • 08.Skull – Iron Heads (Running Wild cover)
  • 09.Skull – (He Fell in Love with A) Stormtrooper (Tank cover)


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Poison in the Bones
(Split CD)”

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