Lethal Strike
(Orange LP)

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Author: COBRA Origin: Peru Label: Van (Ger) Year: 2014 Dimensions: 32 x 0.5 x 32cm Weight: 0.0260kg Metal Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal Categories: , , ,


The awesome debut álbum by Cobra from Peru, an incredible álbum with some of the best Heavy Metal composed in Southamerican soil in years! A total masterpiece of traditional Heavy Metal!

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*Orange Lp + Colour printed inner sleeve with lyrics.

  • Track List:
  • Side A
    1.Overwhelmed instrumental
    3.Men of War
    5.The Roadrunner (Bite My Dust)
  • Side B
    6.Denim Attack
    7.Blessed by Beer
    8.Scene of Our End
    9.Highland Warrior


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Lethal Strike
(Orange LP)”

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