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Author: CANNIBAL CORPSE Origin: USA Label: Black Metal Attack (Br) Year: 2006 Dimensions: 14 x 1 x 12.5cm Weight: 0.120kg Metal Genre: Death Metal Categories: , , , ,


2006 release from the best selling death metal act of all time. Cannibal Corpse’s “Kill” is here. This newest offering is their most cogent, both lyrically and musically. Older, wiser, and as malevolent as ever before, the time to Kill is now! Produced by Erik Rutan.

  • Disc 1 (CD)
  • The Time to Kill Is Now
  • Make Them Suffer
  • Murder Worship
  • Necrosadistic Warning
  • Five Nails Through the Neck
  • Purification by Fire
  • Death Walking Terror
  • Barbaric Bludgeonings
  • The Discipline of Revenge
  • Brain Removal Device
  • Maniacal
  • Submerged in Boiling Flesh
  • Infinite Misery – instrumental


  • Disc 2 (DVD)
  • Shredded Humans
  • Puncture Wound Massacre
  • Fucked with a Knife
  • Stripped, Raped and Strangled
  • Decency Defied
  • Vomit the Soul
  • Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
  • Pounded into Dust
  • The Cryptic Stench
  • They Deserve to Die
  • Dormant Bodies Bursting
  • Gallery of Suicide
  • Pit of Zombie
  • The Wretched Spawn
  • Devoured by Vermin
  • A Skull Full of Maggots
  • Hammer Smashed Face


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