The Third Aeon

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Author: BLACK OATH Origin: Italy Label: Horror Records (Dk) Year: 2011 Dimensions: 11 X 1.5 X 7.5cm Weight: 0.070kg Metal Genre: Doom Metal Categories: , , ,


Italy has always given us bands with a deep obsession with obscure topics, the dead and the macabre! and Black Oath is not the exception, not only in the sense of lyrical terms, but also shares this magnificence in composing high class obscure music. This is Macabre Doom Metal made with Class!.

  • Track List
  • 1.Death as Liberation
  • 2.Growth of a Star Within
  • 3.The 3rd AeonĀ  instrumental
  • 4.Evil Sorcerer
  • 5.Horcell the Temple
  • 6.The Black Oath


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The Third Aeon

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