Skeptics Apocalypse

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Author: AGENT STEEL Origin: USA Label: Del Imaginario (ARG) Year: 2010 Dimensions: 14 X 12.5cm Weight: 0.040kg Metal Genre: Heavy Metal Categories: , , ,


The great debut album by one of the iconic US Heavy Metal bands! leading the hardest Heavy Metal line of the 80’s in the vast US Scene from that decade! mandatory! – Includes 3 bonus tracks.

  • Track List :
  • 01.(The Calling)
  • 02.Agents of Steel
  • 03.Taken by Force
  • 04.Evil Eye / Evil Minds
  • 05.Bleed for the Godz
  • 06.Children of the Sun
  • 07.144,000 Gone
  • 08.Guilty as Charged
  • 09.Back to Reign
  • 10.Calling 98 for Skeptics
  • 11.The Unexpected (live)
  • 12.The Ripper


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Skeptics Apocalypse

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