Foetor Funereus Mortuorum
(12″ EP)

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Author: ABYSMAL GRIEF Origin: Italy Label: Horror (Dk) Year: 2011 Dimensions: 32 x 0.3 x 32cm Weight: 0.260kg Metal Genre: Macabre Doom Metal Categories: , , ,


The monumental 12” Ep of Abysmal Grief with some of their longest compositions included, a total voyage into darkness and a deep feeling of desolation! A total must for those into Doom and dark abysmal sounds!

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  • Track List:
  • Side A
    1.Foetor Funereus Mortuorum 17:00
  • Side B
    2.Old Abandoned Tombs 13:00 instrumental


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Foetor Funereus Mortuorum
(12″ EP)”

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